Adult Nurse

Whether you’re helping soldiers in the field or providing medical care to their families, you’ll play a vital role as a full-time Nurse. We need to keep our people as fit and healthy as possible – that’s where we need you. You’ll join Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps, where you’ll learn to deal with the injuries and illnesses that come with military life. You’ll also be free to train and specialise in a key area with the Army supporting you all the way. Best of all, you’ll be part of a highly skilled and friendly team. And you’ll do it all while travelling the world and gaining valuable skills and civilian recognised qualifications along the way.

As a Nurse in the Army, you could be sent to a modern UK hospital or out to a field hospital where you will be trained to handle situations like no other. Conditions on operations can be difficult but we’ll teach you how to cope. Wherever you are, you’ll be fully trained to give first rate nursing care in all kinds of situations.

As a Registered Adult Health Nurse in the Army, you’ll come across a range of health problems unique to military life. You’ll also work with all kinds of people, including soldiers and civilians, both here and abroad. Wherever you are and whoever the patient, you’ll help them in any way you can.

You join the Army as a Soldier and do your basic training. This teaches you to be a soldier. You then begin a Military Practice Course. Once you’re trained, we’ll send you to a Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit (MDHU). Here, you’ll get experience through a rotation programme and begin life as an Army Nurse. You’ll learn new transferable skills in your chosen speciality that will not only enhance your military career, but stand you in good stead if you later decide to return to the civilian world.

The Army can help you gain a range of qualifications. These could include:
• Supporting Learning and Assessment in Practice (SLAiP)
• You will have the opportunity to specialise in:
o Primary Health Care (to Advanced Practice)
o Emergency Nursing, Critical Care
o Burns & Plastics, Trauma & Orthopeadics
o Sexual Health
o General Medicine
o General Surgery.

We'll be behind you every step of the way as you move up the ranks. Right from the start, you’ll get the support and encouragement you need to make a success of your career. Work hard and you could get promoted, which will mean more responsibility and extra pay. And along the way, you'll pick up qualifications that are recognised by civilian employers.

You should be:
• Regular Army age: 17.6 - 32.11 years
• Army Reserve age: 17.9 - 49.11 years

Qualifications you’ll need:
• To serve in the Regular Army, you need to be registered with the NMC. You can join as a newly qualified nurse and complete your preceptorship with us in your first year, or join with prior experience.

Interests you’ll have
• Helping people
• Office work
• Fixing things
• Decision making & responsibility
• Technology
• Leading & managing people
• Working outside

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