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Everyone wants to belong to something. A football team, a family, a close-knit group of friends. The sense of belonging you find in the Army is next level. When you’ve trained together, side by side, learned things no classroom can teach you. When you’ve lived together and worked together, it creates a bond like no other. A bond that lasts a lifetime, and sees you through whatever life throws at you.

In The Royal Regiment of Scotland – known as The SCOTS – you’ll become a world-class soldier, highly-trained and ready for anything. You’ll travel the world with the Army, using your skills to the full. Like all Soldiers, or ‘Jocks’ as they’re known in our regiment, you’ll get to learn, move into new roles and gain qualifications. Trained to the highest level to become a professional combat soldier, you’ll be part of one of the best fighting forces in the world.

You’ll also become part of our regimental family. The SCOTS has one of the longest and richest histories of any unit in the British Army, with deep bonds built on tradition, friendship, and mutual support. You’ll live and work alongside some of the Army’s best soldiers in a supportive environment, making great friends in your unit and travelling the world with them.

You'll start by training to be a rifleman - skilled in modern combat and an excellent field soldier. After that you can specialise. You could become anything from a machine gunner, mortarman or anti-tank missile operator to a driver, combat signaler or sniper. Later in your career, you’ll get more responsibility and learn new skills, like how to command and manage teams, and how to train and coach junior soldiers. Your communication skills will be second to none, as you may end up supporting senior officers. There are lots of jobs, and you're not locked into the same role forever – there’s always the option to switch and try something different.

You’ll do a 26-week Combat Infantryman's Course at the Infantry Training Centre at Catterick. The centre produces the best infantry soldiers in the world and will include your Phase One and Phase Two training. If you’re thinking of joining at 16 or 17 years old, you’ll need to do basic training at the Army Foundation College Harrogate and then 12 weeks specialist training at Catterick.
In training you will learn how to survive in different environments, fire weapons, give first aid and read maps whilst also improving your fitness. You’ll even get your Cat B (car) driving licence. After your training you’re ready to join The SCOTS – and uphold the proud traditions of the Scottish soldier.

The Army can help you gain a range of qualifications. These could include:
• A range of driving licences
• Apprenticeships in Public Service, Communications, Engineering and Logistics
• Leadership and Management qualifications from GCSE to Degree level
• Foundation Degree level in Coaching and Mentoring
• A variety of driving licenses

We'll be behind you every step of the way as you move up the ranks. Right from the start of your training, you’ll get the support and encouragement you need to make a success of your career. Work hard and you could get promoted, which will mean more responsibility and extra pay. And along the way, you'll pick up qualifications that are recognised by civilian employers.


You should be:
• Regular Army age: 16 - 32.11 years
• Army Reserve age: 17.9 - 49.11 years

Qualifications you’ll need:
• No formal qualifications required

Interests you’ll have:
• Adrenaline rushes
• Outdoor activities
• Shooting
• Working outside
• Decision making & responsibility
• Driving
• Fitness
• Telecommunications

Our next deadline for application is the 31st of March 2017, with further opportunities ongoing throughout the year.


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